About Kevin Brown

bioKevin Brown was born and raised in the Bronx, New York. As a kid, Kevin had two passions: basketball and hip hop. When he wasn’t balling on basketball courts, shooting hoops into garbage cans, or playing Nerf-ball in the halls of his project building, he immersed himself in the culture of hip hop. As a true hip-hop-head of the 80’s, Kevin tried his hand at breakdancing, pop locking, tagging graffiti on project buildings, beatboxing, DJing, making pause tapes, and writing rhymes. But it was the inner music the rhymes made that attracted his ears and lit the flame of passion that burned in his soul.

As a teen, Kevin was addicted to crafting intricate rhyme schemes. He wrote religiously – in his bedroom, in the kitchen, in class while his teachers were lecturing, on long bus and subway rides. In high school, Kevin split his time between playing on the school’s basketball team and rhyming with his hip hop group which consisted of a couple of close friends. As graduation approached and Kevin matured, the burning desire to condense all of his thoughts into rhyme-form began to wane. He felt more passionate than ever about expressing himself through the written word, but he felt shackled by sixteen-bar rhyme verses. Since Kevin had learned to write by listening to hip hop music and rapping, he only knew how to express himself through writing rhymes. That is, until he attended college.

Due to late registration, Kevin had to take an honors English class which was one of a few classes that was still available. In honors English, he was forced to closely read novels and novellas’ for the first time. While reading, he noticed how novelists were able to make the same inner-music with words, similar to the way his favorites lyricists did. Upon reading these books, he knew instantly that the new passion that burned in his gut was the voice of a novelist. During this time, Kevin also discovered that he was about to become a father. With new responsibilities on the horizon, he put his dream of writing novels on hold and instead pursued a degree in a field that was in high demand. Kevin decided to combine his two passions. He studied sports journalism and received a B.A in Broadcast Journalism. Unable to secure employment in the journalism field, Kevin was at a crossroad. He knew he needed to land a stable job to help support his family, but he also wanted a job that would allow him the time to write. Kevin returned to college and earned a master’s degree in education. His new career as a teacher provided him the opportunity to inspire a new generation of writers and athletes while still pursuing his own passion for writing.

After teaching 8th grade language arts for a year in the South Bronx, Kevin and his family relocated to Atlanta, where he continues to teach, coach and write in his free time. Project Windows is Kevin’s first novel in the Hard Knocks High series and he is currently working on his second book in the series. Kevin still lives in Atlanta, Georgia with his wife and two daughters.