About Kevin Brown

I was born in the Bronx, New York, fully immersed in the culture of Hip Hop.  As a true hip-hop-head of the 80’s, I tried my hand at breakdancing, tagging graffiti on project buildings, beatboxing, scratching records and making pause tapes.  But it was the inner music the rhymes made that lit a flame of passion within and influenced me to write.

As a teenager, I was addicted to crafting intricate rhyme schemes. But as I matured, the burning desire to condense all of my thoughts into rhyme-form began to wane and a new flame of passion was lit; one of a story teller.  I went from budding emcee to budding novelist instantly.

Once I discovered my true calling, I created the Hard Knocks High series for reluctant readers and at-risk-teens.  As a former reluctant reader, I write books that I would have enjoyed when I was a teen.  Hard Knocks High, where the classroom and the streets collide, is a young adult series that features relatable characters and realistic stories laced with life lessons.